Friends from the Neighborhood


   Undercover Police Detective Danny Myers must
infiltrate a new street gang that has formed in the city of
Smithville. This small but powerful crew of thugs have
taken control of all criminal activity in the city.  Detective
Myers must gather as much evidence as possible to take
down this criminal organization. Myers works his way
into the gang through an informant and soon discovers
that the Boss of the operation is an old childhood friend of
his, Joey Kenefick. Joey has not seen Myers since they
were kids and has no idea that Myers is a cop. Joey
welcomes Myers into his crew of ruthless criminals with
open arms. Realizing that Joey will eventually discover he
is a cop, Detective Myers requests to be reassigned to
another case. However, Myers is informed by his
superiors that he is too deep into the investigation to be
taken off the case. Myers must now put aside the fact
that Joey is an old friend from the neighborhood and
fulfill his duties as an officer of the law.